Seneca Lake Resorts Opens Putt & Play Miniature Golf Course To The Public

Seneca Lake Resorts held its ribbon cutting ceremony for Putt & Play, its new eighteen-hole miniature golf course, on Friday, May 31st.

The ceremony was attended by State Senator Pam Helming, State Assemblyman Jeff Gallahan, and State Assemblyman Phil Palmesano, who presented Seneca Lake Resorts with a state citation commending them on this new addition to the region. Also in attendance were representatives from State Senator Tom O’Mara’s office, officials from the Town of Romulus, including Deputy Town Supervisor Michael Joslyn, and several other attendees representing local government, businesses, as well as local residents, excited to see the newly completed ADA compliant course.

The event started with an introduction by Seneca County Chamber of Commerce President, Jeff Shipley, welcoming everyone to the occasion. Chamber staff and several chamber board members were in attendance, including Board Chair Cheryl Santos.

“The Sessler family has a reputation for making good things happen, and behind me is one of those goods things,” Shipley said. “This is a remarkable accomplishment, a remarkable facility. It fills a huge void in our community in terms of family entertainment and certainly is a great addition to this wonderful property.”

On behalf of the Sessler family, Vern Sessler, one of the Seneca Lake Resorts owners acknowledged a few key partners, including, Fred Bonn, the New York State Parks Regional Director, Don Gruel, Sampson State Park Manager, Senator Tom O’Mara, Senator Pam Helming, Assemblymen Phil Palmesano, Assemblymen Jeff Gallahan, and Romulus Town Supervisor Dave Hayes. “Thank you and we appreciate your continued support,” said Sessler.

“As many of you may know,” Sessler continued, “six years ago, New York State Parks was considering closing Sampson State Park Marina. Since then, we have reconstructed the marina completely, added a ship store with restrooms, showers, and laundry, added thirty-nine new cabins, added two new bathhouses, built one-hundred and fifty RV sites with full-hookups, added rental pontoon boats, created The Vista event space, renovated for Pat’s Pizzeria, and installed a public Wi-Fi network. This year, we are proud to announce that we recently constructed a new dog park, which is open to the public, and we are very proud to be celebrating the grand opening of the biggest and nicest miniature golf course in the region, and quite likely in the entire northeast.”

“The course theme is everything great about the Finger Lakes and the area’s natural beauty. Within the course you’ll see features influenced by our region’s wine trails, and vineyards as well as our area breweries, agriculture, cheese industry, recreation, fishing, and camping. We even have a representation of the historical windmill in Waterloo. At this time, on behalf of the Sessler Family, and Seneca Lake Resorts, with general manager Kevin Reeder, we’d like to welcome you to Putt & Play at Seneca Lake Resorts.”

The first of the many legislators in attendance to speak was Assemblyman Phil Palmesano. “First and foremost,” Palmesano said, “I want to say thank you to the Sessler Family for your incredible commitment and dedication. I remember when I took over the redistricting of this area and came here to meet with the friends of the marina, walking on a very decrepit marina that was falling apart, and they said they wanted to save this place. And it needed saving. Fortunately, we had conversations with the State Park, Rose Harvey at the time, and they put out an ROP, and thank God, the Sessler Family bid on that, and won it. Ever since then, they hit the ground running and they’ve never stopped.”

He then asked the audience to join him for a round of applause towards the Sessler family for “what they’ve added for this community, quality of life, tourism, everything,” before continuing by saying, “it is a privilege and honor for me to be here with my colleagues in government to say congratulations and thank you.”

Palmesano then displayed the state citation he brought with him to present the Sessler family for this achievement, saying, “I can’t thank you enough, again, for your continued dedication and investment here, making this region better for all the people who come here, and improving the quality of life. Thank you, thank you.”

Assemblymen Jeff Gallahan was next to speak his praises for the Sessler family and their accomplishments. He shared his story of first meeting the Sessler family, owing the meeting to a flat tire he suffered in front of their office. Sessler employees helped him get back on the road without Gallahan having to do much of anything. “That’s a testament to what this family is. That was my first impression, and they haven’t disappointed me since. In 2017, there was a private/public partnership that was created here. This place was a wreck. It was in terrible shape, and look at it today. Look what they’ve done here. That contract with the state stipulated that they had to spend a certain amount of dollars, and you can’t believe how far over they are with that. With that, I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done for the community, for tourism in this area, jobs in this area, what they’ve created here with the cabins, and the camping. It just blows me away. I want to say thank you so much for what you have done for this community and the Finger Lakes region. Thank you so much.”

Craig Pemberton, case worker to Senator Tom O’Mara was next to speak on behalf of the Senator. “I just want to ask; how many people are from Seneca County?” Pemberton asked, to which just over half of the crowd raised their hands. “Now can you agree that things over the past six years have gotten better in our area? And that’s because of families like the Sesslers, and groups like the Chamber of Commerce, and I want to give you both a big round of applause. Keep doing so, keep doing things like this,” he said in closing as the crowd applauded.

Romulus’ Deputy Town Supervisor, Michael Joslyn, then spoke. “I am a lifelong resident of the area and I have known the Sessler’s since I was young, and that was a long time ago, Joslyn jested. “Just seeing everything they’ve done for the community is incredible. We can’t thank you enough. Keep on going, don’t stop.”

Shipley then introduced the final speaker, Senator Pam Helming, saying the marina and resort project got its start under Helming when she represented the district before the redistricting.

“When I read about this,” Helming said, “at first, I was shocked and surprised, and I wondered what’s coming next. Congratulations to you. Your dedication, your commitment to this community, to bettering the State of New York, to employing more people, I just can’t thank you enough from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for allowing me to join this celebration today. I spend so much time here in Seneca County. I love it. I miss it. I miss all of you so much. Thank you to Fred Bonn of State Parks as well. Congratulations.”

The attendees all ended the day with a round of golf on the newly completed course which boasted waterfalls, lagoons, fountains, windmills, a lighthouse, and numerous representations of the iconic Finger Lakes region.

Putt & Play at Seneca Lake Resorts is located at 6040 State Route 96A, Romulus, NY 14541, and is open to the public daily.